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First day of School in #Gaza was full of Pain. :( #FreePalestine #Palestine #ICC4Israel #UN #USA #UK #Israel

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Today was a good day

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My friends and I were at the mall today and there this group of really cute guys (well i thought so anyway) and we were sitting down and one of them is like “you wanna play hide and seek?”and we’re kinda like wtf so you just look at each other and then he’s looking at is and we say no sort of ?…

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Sorry not sorry.

The men of tumblr unite. Because this is more than fighting the patriarchy, this is fighting for the voice of the people.


*Phone rings*





*Banana Rings*

Who is this how did you get this numb—THE PATRIARCHY IS DOING WHTA




Patriarchy WHAT?!



Fucking bro strider come out!! Omg HAHAHAAH I love theses guys

Meanwhile In England……

"Jolly great bit of Tea"

-Phone Rings- 


"Those Bloody Wankers!!!!!!"

"It Looks Like Tea Time Is Going To Have To Wait"

"It’s A Jolly Good Thing I kept My Old Equipment…."

"All Right Old Chaps, Im On My Way!!!"


I just reblogged this, but IT GOT BETTER.

Ladies and gentlemen, the British.

Fucking tally ho omggggg

5SOS Masterlist


* = smut

if any links don’t work please tell me here


H e m m i n g s

Challenge Me / pt.2 / *

English Rain / p.2 in progress /

Speeding Ticket *

All My Fault

Mr Hemmings *


You Drive Me Crazy 

Beg *

I r w i n

Do You Remember?

You Got Me Hooked *

My Girl 

7 Minutes In Heaven *

C l i f f o r d

Teach Me *

Stay / p.2 / p.3 / p.4 / p.5 / p.6 / p.7 in progress /

We’re Just The Teenage Waste *

Good Girl / p.2 / p.3 in progress /

H o o d

Don’t Take It Out On Me *

I Love You

But We’re Friends? *

Camp Counselor  /  pt.2 *

The Trainer  /  pt.2 *

p r e f e r e n c e s

#1 How You Meet - Michael  Luke Ashton Calum 

#2 He’s Off Limits 

#3 "In The Mourning" By Paramore 

#4 He Sees You Cry For The First Time 

#5 First I Love You - Michael and Luke - Ashton and Calum

#6 When You Have A Bad Day (with gifs)

#7 He’s Sick (with gifs)

#8 Mornings 

#9 Night Time 

#10 Cute Moments (with gifs) 

#11 Cute Sneezing Fit 

#12 Tattoos (In Honor of the glorious event) 

#13 Nightmares 

#14 Insecurities 

#15 How He Is In Bed (mature)  Shortened (less graphic) version

#16 First Date  

#17 He’s Sick (longer version) 

#18 He Asks You To Move In 

#19 You’re Sick (longer version)

#20 You’re On Your Period Lashton  Malum

#21 He’s Upset/You Comfort Him 

#22 First I Love You (Rewritten)

#23 You Have A Break Down/Relapse 

#24 Your Dad Catches You (mature) written by anon 

#25 Jealousy  

#26 You Surprise Him On Tour (Luke)

#27 He Cooks For You 

#28’Wherever You Are’ By 5SOS Lashton/Malum By Jace

#29 Can I Kiss You?’

#30 His Favorite Thing To See You In Of His 

#31 Insecure Michael/

#32 Engagement Tweets (With Photos) 

#33 'Happy Birthday' 

#34 'I'm Scared' 

#35 Another Band Member Tweets A Photo Of You 

#36 Hickeys  


#38 Rainy Days

#39 He Finds Out You Have An Eating Disorder

#40 First Sightings

#41 Staying The Night

#42 Drunk

#43 You Catch Him Wanking

#44 You Get Caught

#45 Snow Day

#46 The Boys Talk About How Hot You Are

#47 The Morning After

#48 Tour Fun

#49 Marked

#50 Cheer Up/Calm Down

#51 Losing It (Virginity)

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7 Minutes In Heaven - Ashton Irwin Smut


You weren’t a party person. Your typical Saturday night involved a cup of tea and a good book, but not tonight. Tonight you were at a party, yes a party but it wasn’t just any party. It was being hosted by the one and only, Calum Hood. You may be wondering why I was invited to Calum Hood’s party. Well the answer is actually rather simple, you and Cal had been friends for ages and he finally decided it was time for you to meet his band members. Long story short, you were at Cal’s party, and you were all alone.

You desperately scan the room for a familiar face, but sadly, you find no one. You place your drink onto the table and take a seat on the rather empty couch. You play a few games on your phone, trying to pass the time. You feel the seat beside you sink, signifying that someone sat down beside you. “Can I help yo-Oh, hey, Ashton.” You say, recognizing one of Cal’s friends.

"What’s up?" You say, shoving your phone in your back pocket.

"Nothing really." He replies.

An awkward silence surrounds you two and you shift around in your seat. “So, enjoying the party?” You ask, desperately trying to break the silence.

"It’s not bad. You?"

"I’m not a party person." You state simply.

"Then why are you here?"

"Cal forced me to come, you know how persistent he is!" You say, causing Ash to giggle. Damn, that boy had an infectious laugh. You could feel the corners of your lips twitching, threatening to break into a smile.

"He always has to get his way, doesn’t he?" Ashton says in between giggles.

"That sounds like Calum.  How’s  the band going?" You say in an attempt to keep the conversation going. Even though you just met Ashton, you enjoyed talking to him. 

Ashton launches into some story about an elevator and you only half listen. You sit there, mesmerized by Ashton; the way his mouth moves and how his eyes light up when he smiles. His cute little laugh and how he runs his hand through his hair. He had you in an trance.

"Y/N?" Ashton calls out and you jump a little.


"You seemed a little out it, you okay?" Ashton asks, a small smirk on his lips,

"Oh yeah, I’m fine."

"You sure?" You nod, letting out a quiet sigh.

"Y/N!" Calum singsongs over the music, skipping into the room. "Oh good, Ashton’s here. We’re going to play truth or dare or something and you guys are joining, ok?" Cal says, grabbing onto to your arm and dragging you with him, not even letting you respond.

"I guess we’re playing truth or dare." Ashton says chuckling, sitting beside you in the circle.

"I guess so."

The game goes on for a while with you only getting asked once or twice. “This is boring.” Michael whines. “Let’s play something else!”

"Like what?" Luke asks.

"How about ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’?" Someone suggests and a chorus of yes’ fill the room. You start to get nervous, it was bad enough playing truth or dare, and now they want you to play 7 minutes in heaven? Your mind started to race, and you could feel your palms beginning to sweat. You barely new any of these people, being forced into a closet with one of them would surpass awkward.

"You okay Y/N?" Ashton says, placing his hand on your shoulder.

"I’m fine."You mutter, faking at tight lipped smile.

You stay quiet the entire game, praying that you won’t get picked. “Who hasn’t gone yet?” Michael  asks as he sits down, his hair a mess and shirt on backwards. Calum’s gaze falls on you and his plump lips contort into a smirk. “I don’t think Y/N has spun the bottle yet.”

"Do I have too?" You whine, not wanting to enter a dark closet with some stranger.

"Yes. Now spin the bottle." Cal states bluntly, passing you the empty beer bottle.

You grudgingly spin the bottle. Dreading what the outcome will be. As the bottle begins to slow down, your heart beats faster and faster until the bottle finally stops, your heart felt as if it stopped with the bottle. Your nerves go into overdrive when you see who the “lucky” boy was; Ashton.

"Off to the closet you two!" Cal says, grabbing you both and pushing you into the closet, causing you to fall onto Ashton.

"I’m sorry." You say, pushing away from him and even in the dimly lit room, you’re sure he can see you blush.

"We don’t have to do anything." He says, running his hand through his hair.

"If that’s what you want, than sure." You reply, feeling slightly disappointed.

"If that’s what I want? I thought that was what you wanted?" He says quizzically.

"Now why wouldn’t I want to kiss you, Irwin?" You whisper slowly, a wave of confidence shooting through you. You move closer to him, crawling into his lap. 

"I, uh. I just thought. I." He stutters, his words all jumbled.

"Do you want to kiss me?" You whisper, your faces only inches apart.

He nods rapidly. You waste no time and immediately press your lips to his, your hands rushing to the back of his neck. He seems shocked at first, but after a few seconds he kisses back. You feel him slide his tongue into your mouth. His tongue caresses’ yours as it explores your mouth, causing you to moan into his mouth. He gently pushes you down so that your back is touching the floor and he props himself on his elbows, all without breaking the kiss. Your hands rush up into his hair, gently tugging on the strands.

"Y/N." He moans softly, telling you he enjoys what you’re doing. You break the kiss, only to yank Ashton’s shirt over his head, yours soon following. He stares at your bra clad torso and smirks, enjoying the sight of you. He reconnects your lips, running his hands along your sides, sending waves of electricity throughout your body. He fumbles with the clasp of your bra until he finally unclasps it and throws it somewhere in the dark room.

"So beautiful." He whispers. He places his lips on your bare stomach, placing wet kisses all along your stomach to your breasts.

"Ash, I need you." You whisper, desperately wanting something more.

He nods at you. As soon as your hands begin to fumble with his belt buckle, someone knocks on the door. “7 minutes are up, now put your clothes back on and get out here!”

You frantically search for your clothes and as you are about to leave, you feel Ashton pull you into him, his hot breath hitting your neck. “We’ll finish this later.” 

A/N I know I’m supposed to finish Stay and Good Girl but I have no motivation and I’m lazy

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Okay so I have a 7 Minutes in Heaven imagine saved in my drafts but it’s a general imagine so which boy should I put

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The First Twelve Rules Of The Zodiac


#1. Don’t smother an Aries

#2. Don’t rush a Taurus

#3. Don’t bore a Gemini

#4. Don’t belittle a Cancer

#5. Don’t ignore a Leo

#6. Just don’t.

#7. Don’t tell a Libra what to do

#8. Don’t lie to a Scorpio

#9. Don’t be uptight with a Sagittarius 

#10. Don’t be unintelligent with a Capricorn 

#11. Don’t lack a sense of humanity with an Aquarius 

#12. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not with a Pisces

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Nate moaning in Sammy’s younow 😏

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Relationships relevant in 5sos

  • Everyone except Mashton
  • Excuse me?

    Don’t you stan for viners?

    I can stand for whoever I want? Maybe I just didn’t want to reblog this onto my band blog? And no, I will not “stay off your post”

    "Stand" but like??? Why are you so butthurt over this post??? It’s not like I made racist/sexist jokes…or said a homophobic slur….

    I just said excuse me? You’re the one who turned it into something bad?

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