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If you honestly think Israel is ‘defending itself’ I would like you to go watch the Al Jazeera news channel and see all of the poor, bloody, injured, and dead children and families. Oh please, protect yourself from the toddlers and children

ooh and it’s completely an accident that they ever hit civilians because it’s only a 70% civilian casualty rate

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1200 Palestinians (many of them innocent civilians) have died. 53 Israeli soldiers and 3 Israelis civilians have died the past 3 weeks. This isn’t self defence, it’s genocide

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cause of death: this photo

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Matt; Magcon Tour Chicago

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play this at my funeral bc I am dead

play this at my funeral please

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Daddy Caniff and Daddy Espinosa aka my fathers in low

12/10 would bang

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5SOS Preference #50 Cheer Up/Calm Down


Calum: “And then she had the nerve to call me a slut!” You walk the width of the tiny bedroom over and over again, continuing your rant to an obviously uninterested Calum. “Some friend she turned out to be! You know, she made out with my long time crush in high school and than claimed she was drunk so ya know, being the good friend I am, I forgave her! She is such a bit-” “Baby,” Calum says, interrupting my little tirade. He brings me in towards his chest and gives me a few moments to cool down. “Baby,” He repeats, “She obviously is a rotten friend! She’s doesn’t deserve you and you shouldn’t waste any of your time thinking about her. And anyways, you have me so fuck her.” He grins, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. You take in a deep breath and turn to face Calum. “I’m calm, I’m calm. Sorry for wasting your time.” You bring your lips to his for a quick, yet sweet kiss. “I love you, Cal.” “Glad I could cheer you up, babygirl. What do you see about watching a few movies and cuddling for the rest of the night?”

Luke: You walked into the dressing room, immediately being greeted by three sweaty boys, except for the one you wanted to see the most, your boyfriend. “Where’s Luke?” You inquire, searing for the tall blonde. Mikey points towards the washroom and sighs. “He’s not exactly in the best mood. He wouldn’t let any of us in nor would he come out.” “Why?” “His voice kept cracking on stage and he forget a few chords for ‘Heartbreak Girl’ and now he’s saying he ruined the show and completely bagging down on himself.” “I think you should talk to him, Y/N,” Calum chimes. “If anyone can get to him it’s you.” You shrug your shoulders and walk over to the bathroom door, knocking lightly. “Luke, can I come in?” The door opens up a crack and you manage to squeeze through the tiny opening. Luke was standing in the middle of the bathroom, his eyes red and glassy and his hair a mess. He scratches his nose lightly and looks into your eyes. “I fucked up so badly. I ruined everything. The show was a mess and it was horrible,” He begins to pace back and forth in the tiny room. “I’m so stupid! How can I forget the chords to my own song?” He groans. “You’re not stupid and you didn’t ruin the show! We all make mistakes and we all forget things, no matter how familiar something is, it still is possible to forget bits and pieces! I mean, how many times has Calum messed up lyrics?” “A couple of times.” He sniffles, his voice quiet. “And did he ruin the show?” “No.” “And neither did you. I don’t even have to see the show to know you did great! You always do!” He doesn’t reply, instead his gaze falls to the floor. “Luke, please don’t be so hard on yourself, baby. It’s killing me to see you so down. Please cheer up, crack a smile, a giggle, anything! I hate seeing you unhappy.” He looks up to meet my gaze and reaches out to pull me to his chest. “What would I do without you.” “You’d probably be lost somewhere in Germany if it wasn’t for me.” You tease and he grins. “Thanks, Y/N.” “Anytime you big goof.”

Michael: The crowd only seemed to get bigger. Fans were swarming in from all directions, all desperate to get a photo or even just a glimpse of your lilac haired boyfriend. It felt as if they were closing in on you, as if you were trapped inside a tiny room with a limited air supply that was rapidly running out. Michael’s grip on your hand tightens as you make your way through the crowd, stopping to take photos every now and then. “You’re tense.” Michael whispers over your shoulder. “So many people.” You croak out, your voice cracking halfway. “So many.” You repeat, more to yourself than to Michael. “Hey, hey, don’t think about them, look at me, focus on me.” He says and I nod. “Deep breaths, baby, deep breaths. Look at me, Y/N, don’t think too hard, just look at me.” You slowly tear your thoughts away from the fans and onto Michael, focusing on his new brow piercing or the pretty colour of his hair. “Calm yourself down, princess. Don’t think about it. You’re safe with me, I promise.” He whispers, pressing his lips to your visible collarbones. You nod your head feverishly and inch closer to Michael, not wanting to leave his side. He proceeds to take photos with fans, sneaking glances at you every so often while he continues to softly stroke your hand with his. “I’ll keep you safe.”


"Bloody hell!" Ashton screams, a loud banging soon following. Even the walls between the house and the garage couldn’t block out Ashton’s evident anger. You grab a beer for your frustrated boyfriend and cautiously make your way to the garage. "Ash? I brought you a drink." You knock on the garage door before popping your head in. Ashton lifts his head from his hands and meekly smiles at you, standing up to meet you at the door. He takes the beer and pops the lid, greedily gulping down the liquid. "Everything okay?" You question, taking in the drumsticks scattered along the floor and the chair lying on it’s side in the corner. "Having some difficulty with some new songs. It’s nothing really." He fixes the bandana that is keeping his curls from hitting his sweaty forehead. "Are you sure? It looks like you could use a break." "It’s fine, really. I’m fine." He says again. "Really?" You purr, stepping closer to his body. "Because I know a good way to help you calm down." Your arms lace around his back, fiddling with the damp curls on the back of his neck as you press your body against his. "Do you now?" You nod your head slowly. "But if everything’s fine, I guess you don’t need calming down." You shrug your shoulders and begin to pull away from him. He grabs your wrist and yanks you back towards him. "You know, now that you mention it, I am pretty stressed." He growls, pinning you up against the door. "I think I’ll take you up on your little offer."

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gonna write a semi smutty preference give me ideas



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I mean yeah why not… just kill us Sam

fuck me with that dick

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Um so I kind creeped

Thank you

Omaha boys can fuck me anytime now

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